When the Saints
Go Marching In
Transcript of "When the Saints Go Marching In"
Produced/Directed by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Foundation

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AUGUST 29, 2005

RUDY AGUILAR: The storm hit, at 7:00 Monday morning. It was a nightmare.


RUDY AGUILAR: We live in the greatest country in the world. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't put a family back in their house. We're still dying down here from Katrina

MR. WASHINGTON: This is better than 2 years, and nothing has been done, nothing has been done.

MS. GAINES: I just think these people are keeping the money for themselves.

JULIE ANDREWS: I still don't have a place to live in New Orleans now. So I work seven on and seven off. And I would drive all the way back to Alabama to have a decent place to sleep for five days and then come back here and sleep on somebody's floor for the other nine.

TONY SFERLAZZA : You don't have a kitchen or nothing, you're going to move to move in here without a kitchen, a bathroom...

MR. WASHINGTON: I don't know about this.

FEMALE VOLUNTEER: So this is all you have out of your three houses, huh?

MR. WASHINGTON: That's all, this is a family house. If it's possible I want to get this place into shape, somewhere for me to stay. Just enough space for me to stay.

TONY SFERLAZZA: He just wants the back room done, he's just sick of living in the FEMA trailer.

OFF SCREEN VOICE: He's afraid they're going to start charging him rent.

TONY SFERLAZZA: They're going to start charging him rent?

OFF SCREEN VOICE: That's what they're talking about.

TONY SFERLAZZA: Well damn, that's why he just wants 2 rooms done. So if we had a bathroom and the back room done, he could stay in this gutted house. 84 years old.

RUDY AGUILAR: The Feds, the State, and the locals, I mean everybody has just turned their backs on us and just left us to fend for ourselves.

LINDA AUDIBERT : My big joke is it's nice to know when your house is thirty feet under water the government is there to hang you out to dry.

JULIE ANDREWS: If the housing authority would have opened up units and allowed us to come home right away, I could have walked right back into my job. Even with my husband being sick on cancer, we would not be starving and suffering the way we are.

LINDA AUDIBERT: There are very few places to rent and the places they do have for rent are so expensive you'd have to cram 3 families in, one in each room.

JULIE ANDREWS: The place where I live at, Abundant Square, they have their agenda. They don't want low income people in those apartments. How can you apply for a federal tax credit, take away 1800 low income units and rent them out for $1115 a month. And saying that you're doing that according to the federal government. Well maybe we need to talk with the government.

LINDA AUDIBERT: For the longest time we had a flag that hung for our front door. That was our statement you know, this is America and it was our fellow citizens that had done the most to help us.

(A saw buzzes, hammering, sounds of people working)

MS. GAINES: The Good Book say rest if you must but don't quit.

MR. WASHINGTON: I want to do my best to pay my way through as far as I can.

TONY SFERLAZZA : I'd like to help you with your house sir if that's ok with you.

MR. WASHINGTON: I'd appreciated whatever help you can give me.

MS. GAINES: Had I given up I wouldn't be as far as I am now. And I still haven't given up.

LINDA AUDIBERT: In our hearts, we just really know that we're not alone.

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